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Gewi Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Namespace for all Gewi classes and utility functions.


class  GButton
 GButton class for basic buttons. More...

class  GContainer
 GContainer class, definition of a container widget. More...

class  GewiEngine
 Main GewiEngine Singleton Class. More...

class  GSlider
 GSlider (virtual) slider widget class. More...

class  GHorizSlider
 GHorizSlider, horizontal slider widget class. More...

class  GVertSlider
 GHorizSlider, horizontal slider widget class. More...

class  GStaticText
 GStaticText for stationary labels. More...

class  GTextButton
 GTextButton class for button with text label. More...

class  GTextField
 GTextField class for basic text input area. More...

class  GWidget
 GWidget base widget class. More...

class  WidgetNode
 WidgetNode class, node for linked list. More...

class  WidgetList
 Class containing a linked list of widgets. More...

class  GWindow
 GWindow, a simple window class. More...


typedef unsigned int ResourceID
 Resources are stored centrally and widgets access them by their ResourceID.

typedef unsigned int GewiJustify
 GewiJustify is a hack so that members of the _GewiJustify enum can be or'ed (|) together.


enum  GButtonType { GBT_PRESS, GBT_HOVER }
 Enumeration for the button types. More...

enum  GewiEvent {
 Enumeration for basic events that a widget can handle. More...

enum  _GewiJustify {
  GJ_CENTER = 0, GJ_LEFT = 1<<0, GJ_RIGHT = 1<<1, GJ_TOP = 1<<2,
  GJ_BOTTOM = 1<<3
 Describess justification options in text buttons and static fields. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum Gewi::GButtonType

Definitions of the two possible button types.

Enumeration values:
GBT_PRESS  Simple button with standard behavior.
GBT_HOVER  Button which shows itself clicked when hovered over.

enum Gewi::GewiEvent

Defines names for specific events that are filtered and given to widgets.

Enumeration values:
GE_LDOWN  Left mouse button pressed event.
GE_LUP  Left mouse button released event.
GE_RDOWN  Right mouse button pressed event.
GE_RUP  Right mouse button released event.
GE_KDOWN  Key pressed.
GE_KUP  Key released.
GE_GOTFOCUS  Widget got focus.
GE_LOSTFOCUS  Widget lost focus.

enum Gewi::_GewiJustify

Justification options in text buttons and static fields, these values can be or'ed together via the typedef GewiJustify. For example GJ_LEFT|GJ_TOP would position the label in the upper left corner. GJ_RIGHT|GJ_CENTER would be in the vertical center of the box, yet justified to the right on the horizontal axis.

Enumeration values:
GJ_CENTER  Center text.
GJ_LEFT  Align text to the left.
GJ_RIGHT  Align text to the right.
GJ_TOP  Position text to the top.
GJ_BOTTOM  Position text to the bottom.

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