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Gewi::GContainer Class Reference

#include <GewiContainer.h>

Inherits Gewi::GWidget.

Inherited by Gewi::GWindow.

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Detailed Description

GContainer widget which is a standard GWidget that can serve as a parent, contain and manage other widgets.

Public Member Functions

 GContainer (GContainer *parent=NULL)
 Simple constructor for GContainer.

virtual void Move (float x, float y)
 Move container and children.

virtual void Message (SDL_Event *rawEvent, GewiEvent event, Uint16 mouseX, Uint16 mouseY, char ch)
 Overload of Message, used to recieve messages.

virtual void Show ()
 Show children.

Protected Member Functions

void AddChild (GWidget *widget)
 Adds a child to the child list.

void ReleaseChild (GWidget *widget)
 Removes a child from the child list.

void InsertWidget (WidgetNode *node)
 Inserts a child to the child list.

Protected Attributes

WidgetList rChildList
 List of child widgets assigned to this container.


class Gewi::GWidget

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gewi::GContainer::GContainer GContainer *  parent = NULL  ) 

Constructor for GContainer, can take a parent (to be contained on a GContainer derived class, allowing nested containers).

parent Pointer to GContainer derived class to be the parent. Default value is NULL which means no parent.

Member Function Documentation

void Gewi::GContainer::AddChild GWidget widget  )  [protected]

Registers the widget as a child of this container, private because GWidget is a friend.

widget Widget to register as a child of this container.

void Gewi::GContainer::ReleaseChild GWidget widget  )  [protected]

Releases the widget which is a child of this container, private because GWidget is a friend.

widget Widget to release from this container.

void Gewi::GContainer::InsertWidget WidgetNode node  )  [protected]

Calls needed function of WidgetList class to put widget into the linked list.

node WidgetNode to insert into rChildList.

void Gewi::GContainer::Move float  x,
float  y

Same as GWidget::Move but overloaded to move children.

x New x position for container.
y New y position for container.

Reimplemented from Gewi::GWidget.

void Gewi::GContainer::Message SDL_Event *  rawEvent,
GewiEvent  event,
Uint16  mouseX,
Uint16  mouseY,
char  ch

Recieves and processes a message, required overload for all widgets, overloaded to also account for children.

rawEvent SDL_Event of original message, may be needed if more information is available on event. (May be NULL).
event GewiEvent enum, description of event recieved.
mouseX Mouse x position in event, if not mouse event may be incorrect.
mouseY Mouse y position in event, if not mouse event may be incorrect.
ch Character pressed in event, may be 0 if not a keypress event.

Implements Gewi::GWidget.

Reimplemented in Gewi::GWindow.

void Gewi::GContainer::Show  )  [virtual]

Draws all children in appropriate back-to-front order.

Implements Gewi::GWidget.

Reimplemented in Gewi::GWindow.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Gewi::GWidget [friend]

The usage of friend here is used simply to allow GWidget proper access to what used to belong to it before the class split GWidget needs access to Add/ReleaseChild but to make them public would reduce encapsulation. (For those keeping score, this is to many people the only effective use of friend.)

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