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Gewi Documentation


James Turk
July 12th, 2003

About ZEngine and Gewi

    -ZEngine is designed to provide a powerful yet easy to use 2D game engine in a well designed Object Oriented manner, and uses cross platform libraries such as SDL and OpenGL. (ZEngine can use SDL_ttf,SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and PhysFS all of which are cross platform as well as Open Source.) Gewi sits neatly on top of ZEngine and is written in much the same style, Gewi is designed to be the GUI portion of ZEngine but grew so large it needed to become a seperate project.
    -Both are licensed under a BSD-style license, and anyone is free to suggest or implement changes to be added to either, as well as modify ZEngine or Gewi to fit their own needs or use it however they like.
    -Because Gewi relys so heavily on ZEngine it has no website, if anybody writes a version of Gewi that does not use the ZEngine backend I'd be glad to see it and even integrate it with the ZEngine/Gewi source. Until there is some other version, Gewi will always be found right next to ZEngine.
    -The Gewi website :
    -The ZEngine website :
    -The ZEngine tutorials :


This file is Part of the Gewi GUI Library for ZEngine. Gewi and ZEngine Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 James Turk

Licensed under a BSD-style license. (see licensing.txt)

The maintainer of this library is James Turk ( this library is found at the home of ZEngine

Contributing Authors

James Turk - Core Engine, Design, Docs, and Classes
Atani - Revised Linux Build System

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