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Gewi Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Gewi::GButtonGButton class for basic buttons
Gewi::GContainerGContainer class, definition of a container widget
Gewi::GewiEngineMain GewiEngine Singleton Class
Gewi::GHorizSliderGHorizSlider, horizontal slider widget class
Gewi::GSliderGSlider (virtual) slider widget class
Gewi::GStaticTextGStaticText for stationary labels
Gewi::GTextButtonGTextButton class for button with text label
Gewi::GTextFieldGTextField class for basic text input area
Gewi::GVertSliderGHorizSlider, horizontal slider widget class
Gewi::GWidgetGWidget base widget class
Gewi::GWindowGWindow, a simple window class
Gewi::WidgetListClass containing a linked list of widgets
Gewi::WidgetNodeWidgetNode class, node for linked list

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