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Gewi::GHorizSlider Class Reference

#include <GewiSlider.h>

Inherits Gewi::GSlider.

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Detailed Description

Derived from GSlider, overloads message and show to complete the class.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Message (SDL_Event *rawEvent, GewiEvent event, Uint16 mouseX, Uint16 mouseY, char ch)
 Overload of Message, used to recieve messages.

virtual void Show ()
 Draws this slider to the screen.

Member Function Documentation

void Gewi::GHorizSlider::Message SDL_Event *  rawEvent,
GewiEvent  event,
Uint16  mouseX,
Uint16  mouseY,
char  ch

Recieves and processes a message, required overload for all widgets.

rawEvent SDL_Event of original message, may be needed if more information is available on event. (May be NULL).
event GewiEvent enum, description of event recieved.
mouseX Mouse x position in event, if not mouse event may be incorrect.
mouseY Mouse y position in event, if not mouse event may be incorrect.
ch Character pressed in event, may be 0 if not a keypress event.

Implements Gewi::GWidget.

void Gewi::GHorizSlider::Show  )  [virtual]

Draws widget to the screen, required overload for all widgets.

Implements Gewi::GWidget.

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