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ZE::ZSimpleParticle Class Reference

#include <ZE_ZSimpleParticleSystem.h>

Inherits ZE::ZBaseParticle.

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Detailed Description

General purpose particle, contains needed variables for a functional particle system.

Public Attributes

float xPrev
 Previous X position of particle.

float yPrev
 Previous Y position of particle.

float xVel
 X Velocity of particle per second.

float yVel
 Y Velocity of particle per second.

float energyDelta
 Energy change per second.

float size
 Size of particle.

float sizeDelta
 Size change per second.

Uint8 r
 Red component of particle color.

Uint8 g
 Green component of particle color.

Uint8 b
 Blue component of particle color.

Uint8 a
 Alpha component of particle color.

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