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ZEngine Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
VersionInfoClass for holding version information
ZE::ZBaseParticleBasic particle class for ZEngine particle systems
ZE::ZBaseParticleSystem< particleType >Base particle system, a virtual class defining an outline for a fully functional particle system
ZE::ZConfigFileZConfigFile Class for use in ZEngine
ZE::ZConfigFile::ZCF_SectionZConfigFile Section class
ZE::ZConfigFile::ZCF_VariableZConfigFile Variable class
ZE::ZEngineMain ZEngine Singleton Class
ZE::ZErrorZError class for describing errors
ZE::ZFontZFont class for basic Font use
ZE::ZImageZImage class for basic Image use
ZE::ZMusicZMusic class for playing full length music (eg. ogg or wav)
ZE::ZRandGenZRandGen class for OO encapsulation of superb random generator "Mersenne Twister."
ZE::ZRectZEngine class for simplified rectangle use
ZE::ZSimpleParticleSimple particle class for ZSimpleParticleSystem
ZE::ZSimpleParticleSystem< particleType >ZSimpleParticleSystem class, a simple particle system provided originally as an example
ZE::ZSoundZSound class for playing sound effects. (WAV)
ZE::ZTimerZTimer class for Timer use

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