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ZEngine Documentation


James Turk
October 5th, 2003

About ZEngine

    -ZEngine is designed to provide a powerful yet easy to use 2D game engine in a well designed Object Oriented manner, and uses cross platform libraries such as SDL and OpenGL. (ZEngine can use SDL_ttf,SDL_image, and SDL_mixer all of which are cross platform as well as Open Source.)
    -It is licensed under a BSD-style license, and anyone is free to suggest or implement changes to be added to the Engine, as well as modify the engine to their own needs or use it however they like.
    -ZEngine now uses OpenGL rather than SDL to do 2D drawing, thus increasing the uses of the engine and making the engine much faster in all test cases, and the engine was tested for memory leaks with MSVC and is known to have no leaks.
    -The ZEngine website :
    -The ZEngine tutorials :


This file is Part of the ZEngine Library for 2D game development. Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 James Turk

Licensed under a BSD-style license.

The maintainer of this library is James Turk ( and the home of this Library is

Contributing Authors

James Turk - Core Engine, Design, Docs, and Classes
Gamer Tazar - OpenGL assistance
Sean - MSVC++6 Project Files
Kevin Watters - Fix to ZImage::SetColorKey
Atani - Revised Linux Build System

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